Three Britons jailed for cheating in Monaco’s Casino de Monte-Carlo

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  Sajid Rashid, 49, the Pakistan-born ringleader of the gang, has been banned 必发88 for life from London casinos, has gambled under 28 false names around the world and has served 14 months for cheating in British casinos, according to AFP news agency.

  His main accomplice in Monaco was 26-year-old Qamar Hussain. Both men were each sentenced to serve 30 months in Monaco’s tiny jail overlooking the Mediterranean which contains only 20 cells.

  The third man, Bangladesh-born Zahidul Haque Khan, 45, was the only one to have denied any wrongdoing.

  “I just went out to have a cigarette and something to eat,” he said when asked to explain surveillance camera footage that showed him repeatedly slipping tokens into his pocket.

  The Monaco casino has 必发官网 been hit by scams many times since it opened in the 19th century and by gamblers who devised methods to beat the system, with one such inspiring the 必发88 popular music hall song, The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo.

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